Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tado T-shirts Now in Sala

I just came back from the Philippines and brought some new stuff with me. I could only bring one big luggage of things for the store because I was flying solo. Nonetheless, I found some stuff so noteworthy and shall I say, funny and green? I will try very hard to blog about the new things in the store.

One of my coolest discovery were these t-shirts made by an "act" that goes by the name of "TADO" in the Philippine television. His shirts were featured in a local newspaper and my friend clipped it for me to "discover."
Hours before my flight home, my friends and I trooped down to Marikina to check these shirts out. Luckily for us, Tado (his real name is Arvin) and his wife (who turned out to be a Bikolana also) were minding the store.

I was really attracted by the practical but kind of romantic messages on Tado's shirts. Sayings such as "mabuti pa ang tamad hindi pagod" charmed me immensely. Head-scratching are the messages mostly - so caustic, wry, dry and hard to resist.

Tado calls his business "limitado" as in he only makes the shirts in limited quantities - making them instant vintage once the supply runs out . I got a few shirts in mostly medium and large sizes. The fabric is really good and I like his unique identifying graphic on the back. The shirts come in various colors - including pink, green and blue - fearless.

Of course, mildly star-struck, we had our pictures taken with the artist himself. He was really laid-back and quite funny. We love his signature lime green VW pagong.

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